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Without doubt the most important area Pisidia for the Roman Empire, Sagalassos can be found in the province of Burdur and 7 Km north of the town of Aglasun. Directly south of Sagalassos one of the fertile plains known as Canakli plain, provided the land needed for the ceramics of Sagalassos.

In 25 BC the city began to experience it's most richest time under the control of the Roman Empire. Our visit will take us back in time to the wonder of the ancient world Sagalassos. We can see the most important building in the city, the Antonin's fountain which has been restored to working order, have you ever drank from a 1000 year old fountain before? Also see the Hamam or large bath house built in second century AD down the east of the Agora. After this, we see the most intact ruins of the area, the highest theatre in Anatolia at 1574m high. The theatre was built as a single storey in 180-200AD with the view of the landscape kept in mind for the audience. All in all, Sagalassos is one of the best preserved cities in all of Asia, by second century AD Sagalassos had gained recognition in 125AD on of the most important families, Neons constructed a library. Inside are examples of the most beautiful mosaics of the time.