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Pergamum ancient city dating before the 4th century BC. Built on a conical hill rising 1,000 feet above the surrounding valley. Pergamum was an important capital city in ancient times. It was a great center of culture and the capital of East Roman Empire. Acropolis and Asklepion of the city are both listed among the top 100 historical sites on the Mediterranean. On the Acropolis there are numerous remains including the celebrated Library, the steepest Theatre of Anatolia, the Temples of Trojan and Dionysos, the place of the monumental Altar of Zeus famous with the relief of God and devils, the Sanctuary of Demeter, the Gymnasium situated on terraces and the lower Agora. Also Pergamum's church was a major center of Christianity and was one of the Seven Churches of Revelation in the early Chiristian era.

Then we proceed to the Medical Center of the ancient world, "Asklepion" where the first psychological treatment had been used and which was dedicated to the God of Health.