Antalya City | Antalya | Turkey
This is a full day tour combination with half day boat, half day bus. After a drive along the coast between the Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean you arrive at Cagagzi Marina or Ucagiz Marina in Demre. Embark in a typical wooden boat for around one and a half hour cruise and take in the ruins of the sunken city in Kekova. The shoreline is strewn with ancient ruins of entire towns partly immersed in the waters. Enjoy the opportunity of a swimming break (season and weather permitting) to cool down.  

Onto the ancient city of Myra where you can see the ancient Greek  amphitheatre and amazing rock tombs of the Lycian Kings. Myra was one of the most important port cities of the Lycian civilisation and an important centre of religion.

Nearby is Demre where we visit the Church of St Nicholas, the most important sight in the area and the real home of Father Christmas (Santa Claus). In the last few years the frescos have been repaired and the artwork retouched.