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The ancient city Ephesus is located in Selcuk, a small town 30km away from Kusadasi. Ephesus was established as a port, was used to be the most important commercial centre. It played a great role in the ancient times with its strategic location. Ephesus became a religious centre of the early Christianity and today, there is an important tourism centre in Turkey. During our visit to Ephesus, we will explore the Temple of Hadrian, the famous Celsus Library, The Temple of Artemis, The Great Theater and other Roman sites.

Next we will visit the House of the Virgin Mary where she is believed to have spent her last years. On August 18th 1961 Pope John XXll and on November 29th 2006 Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed the House of Virgin Mary at Ephesus to be sacred. Then we will visit the Basilica of St. John, who came here with the Virgin Mary and wrote his Gospel.

We will fnish the tour with Temple of Artemis which is the one of the seven wonders of the ancient world with a view of Basilica of St. John, which was erected over his grave in the 6th century A.D. by Emperor Justinian.