Antalya City | Antalya | Turkey
1. Day – After departing the hotel, begin the journey up into the Taurus Mountains, reaching heights of 1,825m on our way to Konya. Arrival in Konya coincides with a visit to one of the most important places on our trip, the Mevlana Museum. In 1300 this was a building of spiritual retreat and a gathering place for science, philosophy and religious purposes. At the same time Mevlana’s descendants felt there should be something organised for people to visit, which defined the important and influential people of the time, and so began the tours of the kitchen, library, Dervish rooms where the famous dances and ceremonies were performed, the Mosque and the Çilehane (known as a ‘place of suffering’ and used for prayer and spiritual reflection). In the evening settle into the hotel in the Cappadocia region that we will be staying in for the next two nights.

2. Day – The Hasan and Erciyes mountains in the Cappadocia region, are beautiful peaks which were formed millions of years ago. The rocks on the mountain side were eroded after the ash and lava dried, and the rain and wind wore it away to create a totally unique formation. We take a tour of one of the most interesting areas, the Underground City. In the past, this city was a safe haven for many travelers, and a place to hideout from persecution. It is the only example of such a city, which provided for all needs. Still standing from Christian times, we have some time to walk around the Goreme Open Air Museum and see the 1,000 year old frescoes made by iconic artists of the time. In the Pasabagi area we see some of the most interesting formations. The area known as the fairy garden is made of layers of tuff and basalt. On the way to Uchisar Castle a stop for a photo break in the Goreme Valley, surrounded by the sound of birds, is a must. Arrive at the high point of Uchisar castle where the soldiers barracks were positioned. See the erosion in Devrent Valley which has created different and unique formations. Have a look at the Avanos pottery which was made 10,000 years ago, and enjoy a pottery workshop where you can try your hand at creating such masterpieces. 

3. Day – Check out in the morning and say farewell to the Cappadocia region. On our return journey stop off at the Sultanhani Travelers Inn. This is the best and biggest such building, built in 1229 by Alaeddin Keykubat. After a fire in 1278 it was rebuilt by the architect Muhammed bin Havlan el-Dimiski on a plan of 50x110m. There were two sections, one designed for winter and one for summer. The entrance gate is famous for its decorations.