Taksim | Istanbul | Turkey
We travel by ferry to Yalova, then by luxury coach to the city of Bursa, which dates back to the 2nd century B.C. The first capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa is one of the greatest treasure houses of Islamic architecture.

We will first visit the Green Mosque and the neighbouring Green Mausoleum,  both world-renowned for their superb tile decorations, as well as the late 14th century Great Mosque and the Koza Han, which for centuries was the center of Bursa’s flourishing silk trade. As the capital of Turkey’s silk production and importation, Bursa was also the home of the skilled artisans who produced kaftans, pillows, embroidery and other silk products for the Ottoman palaces until the 17th century.

Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely cable car ride up the slopes of Mount Olympus, in Turkish, "Uludag", or if the cable car is not running, take in the panoramic views from beneath the more than 1,000 year-old plane tree that gives Çınaraltı its name.

Lunch is at one of Bursa’s most highly-regarded traditional Turkish restaurants, the Darüzziyafe, where we will enjoy the finest authentic Ottoman cuisine in a historic setting, where Sultan Murat the Second once dined.

*In the event the cable car is closed due to weather conditions, Çinaralti is substituted for Uludağ.